SKHY in its effort to take a holistic approach to this activity makes it mandatory for parents to attend meetings dealing with issues pertaining to the development of their children, their family, the club and the community. 

This programme will assist in talent identification, developing new talent, wider participation for youths and community members, improvement of club coaching personnel and improvement of community participation in club activities.

  • To work through several schools to reach the communities they represent.
  • Educate the SKHY coaches through seminars and workshops dealing individually with each person to outline the different approaches at each stage of growth. This will be further accomplished by sourcing reputable and experienced coaches regionally and internationally as the need arises, to implement these programs at all levels.
  • Educate our coaches through courses in sports physiology, nutrition and sports injuries etc.
  • Courses in sports psychology will also be included as a critical part of the development process for all of the above personnel.
  • SKHY in conjunction with reputable organisations hosts sessions/camps for the children on a regular basis which will have the effect of (1) improving the standard of players and play, (2) assisting in the identification of talent, (3) providing an outreach programme and (4) building support for the club at the youth level.