Dion Augustus

( Coach )

Dion Augustus has been a part of the SKHY family and foundation since 2001. In his own words Dion says, “SKHY has done a lot for me, I would even consider it a miracle the way SKHY has transformed and moulded me into the individual I am today.

At SKHY I was taught discipline, respect, team work and most importantly to me, to never give up.” Dion is currently completing his BSC in Biology at the University of the West Indies. Dion decided in 2012 that he would return to the club as a coach to give back to the younger ones some of those important lessons that he himself was taught by the Club.  As he says again, “SKHY has changed my life in an unexplainable way. All the experiences, lessons, opportunities and friendships obtained here would stay with me for a life time. SKHY has been a guiding light in my life, providing father figure coaches who have helped me strive in great steps forward, morally and educationally. Therefore, I am more than happy to give back to the youth of the club and hopefully help them achieve much more than I have. SKHY truly meant learning is winning. Today I am a proud winner and I continue to win because of what SKHY has helped me achieve.”