Yannic Gamaldo

( Coach )

Yannic Gamaldo was born on November 9, 1999. Yannic is one of the club's goal-keeper coaches and has also been a member of SKHY since the age of 6.  He has represented the club at all youth level and senior tournaments/competitions both locally and abroad as a goalkeeper. Yannic has gone on many tours abroad with SKHY to tournaments such as the Dallas Cup, Disney Cup and Alabama Cup just to name a few. While attending St. Augustine Secondary, his alma mater, he was a part of the school's first team which participated in the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) and Intercol competitions. Yannic is currently studying to be a Commercial Pilot, while still coaching at the club. He said, " I'm both honoured and proud of having the opportunity to be a Goalkeeping coach of this special football club. I'm eager and look forward to meeting all of you talented young players in the near future.