Alumni: Brendon’s creed – Lead with Humility, Be a Team Player

FULL STORY: Brendon’s creed – lead with humility, be a team player

Name: Brendon Creed
Age: 24
Hometown: Petit Valley
University: Temple University- BSc in Civil Engineering
Past Student: Newtown Boys’ RC, Fatima College
Position: Midfield

It is rare that you come across a 24-year-old with all the intrinsic qualities of leadership, charisma, and bravado aka ‘swag’.When I returned home in 2007, I got the opportunity to coach the youth teams at the football club that set the foundation for my athletic career SKHY FC. Brendon Creed was a six-year-old at the time, and one of the most eager youngsters you could find; he always struck me even from an early age as disciplined, talented, and curious.He would question his coaches, and his intelligence off the field spilled over into his decision-making process on the field. He is what you would call a ‘thinking player’.In the eyes of his mates, he is described as light-hearted, hardworking, and extremely dedicated. He never cuts corners and ensures that those around him perform at their best. He is a true leader.In 2018, after completing his first degree, he did his GRE (mandatory exam) for person’s wanting to pursue a Master’s degree programme in the United States, as well as his Fundamentals in Engineering (professional licensing exam). Notwithstanding, he continues to hold close to his heart the desire to become a professional footballer.

How did you become involved in football?
I have a vague memory at a very young age of going with my father who played fete matches in the Police Barracks. I would be on the sidelines just kicking at the ball and even at the age of six or so, I felt I could play with the older guys. I also grew up watching a lot of football on television with my dad.

Describe your experience as an international athlete at university

I was awarded both athletic and academic scholarships to attend Temple University in Philadelphia. My freshman (first) year, I experienced many challenges. I had a lot of adapting and maturing to do. We had a tough season with 2 wins-14 losses-2 draws. By my second year, I became a starting player, and contributed to the team’s improved performance. We ended that season with 10 wins-6 losses-2 draws.

What has sport contributed to your life?

Football has been my greatest teacher about failure. I admit that I detest failing, but in my experiences with setbacks, it has opened a force inside that drives me to work my hardest. Sport has taught me humility in victory, leadership, and the importance of being a team player.

By Jamila Cross

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FULL STORY: Brendon’s creed – lead with humility, be a team player