SKHY FC has been participating in tournaments overseas since 2007. Our members have been fortunate to be able to show their skills at three high ranking competitions in the United States of America (USA). Over the years since 2007, the club has been invited to the Dallas Cup, the Alabama Open Cup and Disney's International Youth Cup. The club has traveled with different age groups through the years so as to give as many members as possible the opportunity to experience a high level of competition and different cultures.

With each passing year, the management of the teams and club sees improvement in the quality of performances from players, which proves to us that we are heading in a positive direction. These tournaments also give an opportunity to our players to be offered university scholarships or professional contracts. Over the years we are proud to say that many of our members have achieved success in the form of scholarships, to further their studies through the medium of football/soccer. This to us is a part of what our club is about. Many of our members without this avenue may not be able to attend a university.