Our Story

SKHY Football Club was formed out of the growing need and demand for educational and physical programs to assist in the development of the youth, especially of Trinidad and Tobago. It occurred to us that the breakdown of the religious, social and moral fabric of society is creating children, due to a lack of proper guidance, who are unable to make the right decisions and choices that would benefit them. As a result, the nation’s youth are not fulfilling their true potential.

The management of the club thinks that it can achieve positive results due to the fact that SKHY possesses a reliable team of managers, each with over twenty years of practical experience in their respective fields, contacts abroad and academic qualifications. Added to this and because of this, our leadership, administrative and planning skills make us capable of contributing positively to developing young people holistically and the sport of football.

As a part of this holistic approach, the club will have meetings with parents, at least once a term or as it deems fit, to deal with issues pertaining to the development of the children, their family, the club and the community. Coaches will also be sent to seminars- coaching, first aid, etc. This program will assist in talent identification, developing new talent, wider participation for youths and young adults, improvement of coaching personnel and activities for the participation of the community.

The management of the club is constantly engaged in this process, development of young people and football, and is resolute, committed and determined to be successful in developing footballers, coaches and support staff to an international standard utilizing best practices from all parts of the globe.