Girls Football

SKHY is presently on a drive to recruit more female members.  In this regard, we are proud to announce  the launch of  the Girls component of the renowned SKHYFC Football Development Program.  This program allows girls to develop their talents in an all girl environment.  We've tailored and customised the Football Development  Programme to meet the special needs of girls and women while maintaining a high degree of rigour and excellence.   This program has already produced a number of players that have excelled  for their high schools, at the national level, at a number of US colleges and even professionally in Europe.  Some of our success stories include: Jamila Gamero (Cross), Racine Romain, Nicole Betancourt and Ranae Ward. At present, both Jamila and Racine, who have gained their degrees are coaches at the club. Ranae, who will be 17 years old this year still trains at the club and has represented her country at both the U-17 and U-20 age groups.

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