Our Teams

At SKHY FC, there are teams and age groups from adults to as young as 5 years. All of our boys and girls are placed in their relevant age groups no matter of their skill level. We have our adult team which participates in the Eastern Football Association’s Premier Division and has done very well since we entered the conference in 2012. We have young men who are dedicated to the club from since they were teenagers and younger. Our young men who are abroad on scholarships, also play for the team when they return for vacation.

Our youth teams’ age groupings change from year to year, because when it comes to competition in the different leagues, one year even numbers are played, then the next year odd numbers are played. Example, in 2014, competitions were played in age groups of U-12, U-14, U-16, etc. In 2015, competitions were played in age groups of U13, U-15, U-17, etc. In 2016, it will revert to odd numbers and 2017 even numbers. Therefore, as it stands now (2015), the club has age groups of U-17, U-15, U-13, U-11, U-9, U-7 and U-5. The club has at least one team in each age group and two teams in at least three groups.