Coaching Philosophy

To develop each individual player to have the skills to play creative and  enjoyable football.


Ages: Under 6 to Under 12 


(1) For all players to have fun 

(2) Provide a basic knowledge and understanding of the game 
(3) For all players to achieve a minimum technical skill level 
(4) To encourage creativity during practice sessions and matches
(5) To encourage the taking of risks during practice sessions and matches (6) To create complete football players, not just defenders, midfielders and strikers. All players must learn to play all field positions 
(7) To have all coaches at this level be the best coaches possible, so as to  establish a well-rounded developmental base for all players 
(8) Provide a safe environment 


Ages: Under 13 to Under 18 

(1) For all players to have fun 

(2) Provide a competitive environment, while minimizing the pressures that  hamper enjoyment of the game 

(3) Provide all players with a solid technical, tactical and mental base of skills (4) Develop all players to their maximum potential 

(5) Encourage all players to be creative during practice sessions and matches (6) Encourage all players to take risks during practice sessions and matches

 (7) Create young adults who will have adopted our principles, so that they will  become solid contributing citizens of our country 

(8) Provide a safe environment 

(9) Give the opportunity to all under 13 and under 14 players to play all field  positions


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Parents, please note that nowhere in these stated goals is winning placed above  player development, learning and having FUN. In fact, winning as an end in itself  is not written anywhere in these goals which we are trying to achieve. This is SKHY’s  basic philosophy. The entire emphasis on playing and having FUN in the youth  development stages and even into the young competitive stages of development  should be on learning and the development of technical skills and tactical  awareness of players. 


If this is done properly and systematically, players will enjoy the benefits of being  more technically skilled, tactically aware and better prepared for the stresses of  high level competition. Winning will take care of itself. By going about it in this  way, players who reach the senior level of competition will have the  necessary foundation of skills to deal with the pressure to win. Having this  pressure placed upon them too early will only hinder their development and  diminish their enjoyment of the game 

Parents, remember your gauge of success is not how many games our team may  have won. Our success is not easily quantified, but if the technical efficiency and  tactical knowledge of our players are improving and their experience is positive,  then we are being SUCCESSFUL.