WELCOME players of this beautiful game we call football/soccer. We at SKHY FC have put together a series of videos of some basic techniques of the game, which we believe that a player should learn and try to master first, before graduating to more intricate/fancy techniques.

Players, we really do mean ‘learn’. Become ‘students’ of the game. By doing so, when you are on the field of play you can correct yourself immediately, without the intervention of your coach. If you are a student of the game you can analyze what went wrong with your own technique. Example: You took a shot towards the goal, but the ball went over instead of under the crossbar.  You immediately realize that your non-kicking foot was positioned far behind the ball, not alongside, causing you to make contact under the ball. Consequently, the ball flew high instead of low. No coach’s intervention was needed because he/she taught you to be a student of the game. You figured it out yourself.

Remember, these basic techniques are your foundation. It’s as if you are building a house. A proper foundation must be laid down first; then any type of fancy materials can be placed on the proper and strong foundation to complete your structure. Therefore, after you have laid down your foundation  (proper & strong technique) for the game, then you have a greater chance of progressing and becoming a player of a high level/stature. Be it for school (secondary/university), club, professional or national team.

Proper technique is only part of the way to having a chance of being the a successful football/soccer player. Some of the other attributes that can assist are knowledge of the game, being a team player and having a good supporting cast (the people around you).

Keep improving yourself. Have patience. Work consistently and hard.