Alumni Reunion 2022

It was a Blast. A wonderful turnout! Our alumni reunion was hosted on December 30, 2022 at  our home location, Henry Street Recreation Ground, Arouca. Over 45 past members donned their boots and showed some excellent skill and technique, which all began to hone at SKHY FC. It was a pleasure, pleasing on the eye for all in attendance, including parents and friends, to witness. What a GREAT evening!

We always on these occasions, wish and wonder, what it would have been like if all of these former members had remained in Trinbago and we had the opportunity to coach and hone their talent as one team. I dare say, we would have been a formidable opponent in T&T’s football at the senior level.

The love and togetherness shown as always was touching and uplifting. Everyone in the beginning did not know each other, because of the various year groups, but at the end of the evening most everyone knew everyone. What a tight knit family we have become. Love it!

In 2023, we will reunite one more time, if it’s God’s will, on Saturday 30th December. Let’s make it bigger and more memorable, if possible. We, the management of SKHY, have been blessed to have had the opportunity to coach and mentor each one of these past members and we hope that we have had some positive influence on their lives. Keep the love and connections growing and flowing.


Check out more photos from the Alumni Reunion in the link below:

SKHY FC Alumni Reunion 2022