Pressure or Support?

Parents of athletes aim to be encouraging. Sometimes, though, the parent’s attempts to provide support actually add pressure on the young player. A new article from Queen City Mutiny Football Club attempts to provide some insight and help.

Raising an athlete requires a lot from parents. Along with the financial commitment, we must often make sacrifices at work, juggle family priorities, and plan family vacations entirely around a tournament schedule. Mom and Dad want to be there for the kids, but sometimes the engagement and encouragement can in fact add stress for the young athlete.


Aiming to motivate and encourage a child while avoiding being pushy or adding pressure can help:

  • Avoid sport burnout
  • Encourage the athlete’s independence
  • Improve player-coach and player-team dynamics
  • Foster a better relationship between you and your athlete.

Janis Meredith, author of How to Motivate Your Child In Sports Without Being Pushy, was interviewed by Mental Toughness Trainer. The 20-year sport parent said, “we all want to see our kids succeed. And sometimes, without meaning to, we push just a bit too hard.”

Older athletes are better able to resist parental pushiness, but with young athletes starting in sports at younger and younger ages, it’s important parents put the work in now to show some restraint.

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