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🇮🇹 Salvatore Sirigu: 

He is a 34-year old Italian international keeper, back from Euro 2020 campaign as a final winner. Sirigu as a backup to Gianluigi Donnarumma, was said to have played once of the most important roles in the dressing room. Both Giorgio Chiellini and Alessandro Florenzi revealed that Salvatore Sirigu made Italy players cry on their way to Wembley on the day of the final: ‘He had prepared something special..’

Itay won the European Championship for the second time in history, beating England on penalties at Wembley Stadium.
After the game, Chiellini and Florenzi revealed how Salvatore Sirigu had motivated the Azzurri ahead of the Final.

“Sirigu has been one of the key players in the dressing room, Before the game, he gave each one of us a note written by him, with his thoughts about us. Every note was different, however, that was not the only thing Sirigu had prepared." - Florenzi said.

“Today, he made us cry, he showed us a video of our relatives before the game and made us cry.”  - Chiellini revealed.
Sirigu only played one minute in the tournament, replacing Gigio Donnarumma in the stoppages of Italy’s last group stage game against Wales.

Donnarumma, who has been named Player of the Tournament, revealed the Torino goalkeeper had played a key role in helping him prepare for the penalty shootout against Spain in the semifinals.

"When you don't play, you have two options: either you wait for your turn in silence, or you become crucial for the team in one way or another". - Salvatore Sirigu 

The Italian goalkeeper only played one minute during Euro 2020 against Wales but his teammates said he was crucial for Italy's victory in final:


➡️ He helped Donnarumma prepare for his penalty shootouts against Spain and England.

➡️ He collected messages from the families and loved ones of every player on the team.

➡️ He gave every player on the team a motivational letter.

Respect Salvatore Sirigu. ❤️👏